When peace evades you

Today, as for the last few days for my stay at my new residence, I feel as if all energy has been extinguished from inside me. My room is as hot as pits of hell. With only a pair of windows on one end against a wall at the other end, there seems to be no way for air to cross my room. Even when it’s raining and its ‘cold’ outside, my room is hot like hell. My room is on the first floor and the sunlight hits directly above all day, heating up my room as a fire boils water. The bed is like a frying pan. The foam absorbs sufficient heat to ensure my suffering in the night. Every inch of contact of my skin with my bed can be felt through my body, its heat sinking into me without any forgiveness. The fans work tirelessly to soothe us. But it goes all in vain. The air is hot and there is no escaping it. When I wake up from whatever fragments of sleep I get, my body is drained in liters of sweat.

The mind goes numb, the body drained and hot, the soul restless and rebellious and the breaths slow and hopeless. When you are all in a place you have never been, in a city far far away from where you belong, where there is no alternative and no choice but to adapt and to mold to whatever situations you are given to manage, you get to explore and extend your own limits and push your boundaries. When you have a job task and you want to do it efficiently but you cannot do that, when you want to think and contemplate but you cannot do that, when you want to rest and sleep but you cannot do that. When you are in chains that extend through your soul and through your mind and bring your very existence to a pause. It is then when you realize the importance of and ask for nothing but peace and comfort.


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