Super motivational era [Life Satisfaction, Chapter #1]

We live in a highly motivational era. Or should I say a highly motivational cyber world. Everywhere on Facebook, YouTube, and all other networking sites we are bombarded with posts and videos to boost our motivation, to build our confidence and to never give up and never lose hope and to push your limits and so on and on. Whilst these materials do seem beneficial, in my opinion it is getting a little over the edge. People should be encouraged to follow their heart but at the same time know the world and take informed decisions. Internet users are becoming smarter every day so probably they should be able to separate the reality from the virtual reality and make the right decision. Nonetheless, I have felt a sharp rise in the confidence and motivational level of the masses, which is good. How I have felt this is very difficult to explain. May be this is because I have my own motivational level boosted up and I feel the energy around me or because it is the energy around me that has made me motivated enough. One way or the other, I have been a victim of this sweet virtual reality that I have come to believe can be true. This belief has made me take some decisions that are going to shape the rest of my life. ——————incomplete, not finalized. 


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