‘Over-planning’ – can perfection ever be attained?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Object of My Dejection.”

All of us want a perfect life to spend. A life which has no worries, no difficulties, no shortcomings and no distress. And we strive for it, don’t we? We strive for precision in planning, predicting all possible outcomes, and still in the end the dynamics of life successfully overpower us. Why does it often seems that it isn’t we who are living a life, instead its life which is making us live through its own complicated, twisted ways.

And yes I write this because I had purposely tried to fight this innate imperfection in us. Thinking that I can control how my life goes, set its tracks straight and pass unscathed. But I failed. Terribly. I started ‘over thinking’ things, finding the roots and causes of any proceedings in my life. In the end I just ended up with an over-processed brain and an headache, all in vain.

I sat in a dark room. Concentrating what was happening with my life and if there’s anything I could do to make it better. Yes it did help somewhat, no denial on that and in fact I will recommend everyone to find some ‘self time’ quite often. But do not expect things to move on as expected. Life is dynamic, it will always treat you unpredictably. So be dynamic in learning, coping up with unexpected occurrences readily.

Whatever I have learned in life is that if you want the things to solve themselves leave them unto God. When difficulties are born, they bring with it their own solutions which are evident at their proper time of execution. No need to over think about worries and plan lengthy tedious solutions – believe me or not they will not help much.  Love life, love peace, kick aside distress and things will sort out themselves one day.

This is one sentence I recollect whenever situations run out of control:

If there is God and if we trust Him, why should there be any reason to worry at all? He loves us and He will decide the best for us.

“Indeed He is the Best of all Planners”

May we be enlightened.


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